Ancient Astronaut Theory

Ancient painting from Italy, made around 10,000 BC. Seems to depict modern astronauts.

If you are not yet acquainted with Ancient Astronaut Theory, buckle up. Ancient Aliens is a show that airs on the History channel, and it provides the most exciting investigations into ancient mysteries that I’ve found. It is truly a revolutionary way of thinking, but it requires an abandonment of what we know to be true. These theories are interesting and deserve serious consideration from the scientific community, especially because it asks the questions that mainstream scientists avoid. Why do we avoid the unknown? Because it’s scary. It’s scary to travel down a path where answers may never be found, but it’s the journey that excites us. Remember though, just as our ancient ancestors misinterpreted what they saw…so do we. Ancient Astronaut Theory deserves our speculation and our skepticisms, because that is how we will be able to find truth in mystery. Most of all though, these theories deserve our respect…for asking the questions, the scary unknowns, is something that not every mind is capable of. Let us be willing–so that one day we may be ready for truth, because the truth is a beautiful reality.

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Sep 2012


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